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ScaleUp Radio

May 4, 2020

Obviously, eating out isn’t something that any of us are doing at the moment, during the coronavirus lockdown, but this week’s guest owns a restaurant that, he says, is all about the atmosphere - that it’s like being on holiday, but only for the duration of your meal.

In this episode of ScaleUp Radio, Kevin Brent is speaking to Wassim Draoui from Waz’s Bistro. Wassim has been a chef for many years, but only opened the bistro in April of last year.

This is the first restaurant that we’ve had on the podcast, but the challenges faced and the lessons learned by Wassim are still relatable across many sectors and industries.

We talked about what separates Waz’s Bistro from the competition, and how they’ve reacted to the coronavirus crisis.

And, within that, we also covered:

 - How to help not just customers, but the whole community during a crisis

 - The drive to lift people’s spirits during these, what Wassim refers to as ‘sad times’

 - The way that they’ve given control back to their customers, when it comes to one of the most important meals of the week.

Wassim is unlike so many of the other guests that we’ve had on ScaleUp Radio in as much as he doesn’t like to look too far into the future. He’s focussing his energy and skills in the present, helping customers and people in the community get through the coronavirus crisis. He really is an inspirational person.

Wassim can be found here:

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