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ScaleUp Radio

Oct 11, 2021

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we’ll hear from Peter Chatterly of The Talent Hackers.


This is a company that helps businesses with their recruitment needs, particularly high growth startups or SME’s - and all done with, as you’ll hear, a relatively small team.


The Talent Hackers is really quite a refreshing company in the recruitment industry, they’re definitely trying to do things different. You’ll pick up some great practical advise when it comes to scaling up your business, and the team within it.


We really did an awful lot in this conversation, including:


 - The importance, and benefit, of packaging your offerings up so that your potential clients can see your services and prices.

 - Ensuring that the values of the business are clear, and easily explainable to people who may want to come and work for you!

 - How to get yourself into the right mindset for when you’re recruiting; challenging yourself with the kind of people you’re willing to take on and recognising that, at the moment, it’s a candidates market.


What comes across in our conversation is just how much Peter, and everyone from The Talent Hackers, are always striving to make the business stand out in an already busy industry.


As always, there is plenty tips and advice within this episode, so be prepared to take plenty of notes. 


Also, we can’t not mention Peter’s daughter who makes a surprise appearance, just towards the end of the episode!


Peter can be found here:



How Google Works by Eric Schmidt -


Who: A Method For Hiring by Geoff Smart -


The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande -


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