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ScaleUp Radio

Jul 29, 2019

You will have all heard, and possibly used, the phrase ‘the right person for the job’ at some point in your scale up journey.

In this episode, though, we talk about finding that ‘right person’. How do you go about it? What are some of the lessons that we can learn from other businesses.

As always, Kevin Brent is joined by three enthusiastic business owners to talk through their experiences with The Hiring Process. 

We’re joined by:

Ian Burnett from It’s Easy Websites

Nick Bradley from Quantum CC

Ian Priest from the Independent Banking Consultancy

Together we take on the potential minefield of bringing someone new into the company, in the hope that they will share your vision of the business, whilst also fitting in as a whole.

We will cover such subjects as:

 - What process should you go through before you even start the search for a new employee?

 - How important is it to do a skills audit to ensure that you’re advertising the right role?

 - Does the new person *have* to share your values if they want to work with you?

 - When is the right time to make the shift from outsourcing to actually putting someone on the payroll?

 - Is there a recipe for successful recruitment?

All three of these business owners bring their extensive experience and knowledge to this topic - including talking openly about the times they have not got it quite right!

As always, there is something for everyone no matter where they are on their scale up journey in this conversation.

You can contact Ian Burnett by searching ‘Web Design Redditch/Warwick/Worcestershire ’

Nick Bradley -

Ian Priest -