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ScaleUp Radio

Jul 4, 2022

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, we’ll hear from Hamish Gill who is the director of F8 Creates.


F8 Creates is a creative agency that covers branding, graphic design photography and video.


The company actually came out of 3 separate businesses in 2009 which covered the separate elements that we’ve just listed, and it was suggested that they work together - which is what Hamish and Greg - another of the directors - did, with a third businessman, Joe.


Joe has since left F8 Creates, but there’s now a solid team of 8 people that have really taken the business to a place where Hamish feels there’s space for major growth.


As always, there’s lots of valuable content within our conversation, including:


 - Running a successful business can’t just be about the money. You have to have a passion for the work, and try to pass that passion onto the team

 - The benefit of treating all of your clients as retainer clients, meaning that you can apply the same form of planning and system to each client, whilst still retaining the individuality that each client deserves

 - Knowing the difference between a good client and a bad client, and when to move away from a particular client - even if they’re bringing money into the business


You can hear the passion from Hamish about being a business owner and a director of a few companies, radiating throughout our conversation. It’s definitely something to aspire to.



Hamish can be found here:


Twitter - @HamishGill



The Kiln -


Asana -


Due -


Capsule CRM -

Google Business Suite (now Google Workspace) -



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