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ScaleUp Radio

Jan 31, 2022

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, I’m speaking to Julie Kent MBE.


As you’ll hear, Julie has quite a few roles - and we do touch on a few of them - but she’s mainly here to talk about the role she has with the Pied Piper Appeal, which is a charity that works to make a difference to sick and disabled children in Gloucestershire.



I’ll let Julie tell the story as to how she became involved with the charity, but she’s changed from fundraiser, to Trustee - to where she is now; which sees her helping out at the shop, overseeing fundraising - and being involved in so many aspects of running the charity.


As well as talking through Julie’s involvement with the charity, we also cover:


 - the benefit to a business in choosing a Charity Of The Year; and making the decision as soon as possible

 -  working to your strengths is best. Know what you do well, and outsource the rest

 - how to use your own life experience to help whichever charity you decide to help out.


The work that Julie does is incredible, and it’s clear to hear the passion that she has for the charity and the work that it does.


Julie can be found here:


What’s In The Goody Bag podcast -


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