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ScaleUp Radio

Aug 2, 2021

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, I speak to Oliver Percival, the Managing Director of CC&N Global and founder of Huge Gorilla


CC&N Global Ltd. operates a global network designed to provide rapid access for customers in a range of market sectors to ensure a cost-effective, efficient, quality product tailored for your requirements.


Essentially, they are an exclusive sales agents for clients across the globe, helping them enter certain markets with certain products.


However, we also talked about the other company that Oliver founded - Huge Gorilla, which is a plant-based supplements company that only started trading a couple of months ago. He set that up with his brother.


As you’ll hear, Oliver started Huge Gorilla based on the age-old adage ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ - ignoring the fact that he launched two businesses in the midst of a pandemic! Not everybody’s choice, perhaps!


Even though Oliver’s experience is varied, and quite specialised in places, the challenges that he deals with are universal.


We talked about a wide range of things, including:


 - The need to develop your resilience, particularly in the early days of starting your business

 - The benefit of outsourcing many of the admin tasks - even better if you can do it to an automated system!

 - How to manage your time so that none of your businesses, or departments, or team members feel like a second choice

 -  What you need to do to enter an already saturated market, such as the supplement industry.


Oliver’s story is a truly fascinating one, and is a great example of being brave with your business choices - but not foolhardy or rash. So, calculated risks. It will be interesting to see how CC&N Global and Huge Gorilla grow over the next few years.


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