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ScaleUp Radio

Aug 15, 2022

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio we have an excellent presentation and discussion about Measuring Engagement.


 This is all about the communication between you as the business owner and your team, and making sure that you have a system in place to track engagement, and a process for ensuring that you follow up on any feedback you receive,


If you’ve listened to previous episodes of ScaleUp Radio, then you’ll know that there are four pillars of scaling up your business - Strategy, Cash, Execution and People - and Measuring Engagement and feedback is from the People section.


Within the presentation, we discuss:


 - Why you need to measure engagement and have a process in place for gathering feedback from your team, no matter how large or small your team is

 - What can you be doing, that maybe you’re not doing - but also what are you already doing, and how can you improve it?

 - When the feedback needs to change; when you stop looking at everyone’s feedback and only look at your direct reports


You’ll also hear from George Blakeway from Team Performance Scan who will talk about how engagement and feedback within your business can be implemented - and the benefits that it has.


As well as the presentation, there are also a couple of discussions with a panel of business owners, who share their own experiences when it comes to dealing with engaging with your teams - and talk about the powerful effect that engagement and feedback has.


As always, there are tools and resources mentioned in this episode. If you’d like copies of these please use the link in the show notes.


There is some honest to goodness practical advice in this episode about engagement and feedback when it comes to your business.



George Blakeway can be found here:



Business Owners in Panel Discussion:


Peter Chatterley can be found here:


Matthew Parsons of Surftech IT


Faith Guest of Tools of the Trade


Matt Busby of The Name Label Company


Jeremy Strong can be found here:


Stuart Avis of Audacious Creative


Lisa Chambers of KMB Telemarketing


David Lynes of Unique IQ


Steve Bradstock of First Base IT Solutions


David Lincoln-Lewis


Nigel Busby of InControl Marketing


Himmat Rai