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ScaleUp Radio

Jan 17, 2022

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, we have another presentation.


If you’re a regular listener to ScaleUp Radio you’ll know that every month we look at another aspect of scaling up your business and there’ll be links to a couple of the previous presentations in the show notes.


This time around we’re talking about planning. There’s a great quote “Plans are essentially worthless, but planning is everything” that is perfect for business planning, because it’s not the plan that is the important thing here - but the process of planning and thinking about your business.


So, in this episode there’s a lot of valuable content. Amongst it,  we’ll cover:


 - The benefit of planning; and that’s outside the obvious aspect of ‘knowing what the next step is for your business’

 - The process of beginning to shape the plan, and bringing the team along with you


As well as the presentation, there is also a panel discussion with a group of business owners where we dive a little deeper into the subject of strategy and planning for your business, and how it fits into your scale up journey. There’ll be a full list of the business owners in the show notes.


Just a quick note, too, about the fact that you’ll hear me talking about tools and illustrations which we use at Biz Smart to illustrate some of the points that I was making. If you’d like a copy of those, you can get in touch by emailing



Businesses in the panel discussion:


Graeme Thurman Citizen Communications


Richard Cox - Langley Compass Group


Matt Busby - The Name Label Company


Gary Mawhinney - Platform 81


Matthew Parsons -Surf Tech IT


Lisa Chambers - KMB Telemarketing


Peter Chatterley - Talent Hackers


Faith Guest - Tools of the Trade